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Dolce Does..Wedding Dress Shopping!

Most of our weekends lately have been devoted to wedding related events.  Venue hunting, vendor meetings, bridal shows (one every weekend it seems!), the list goes on and on.  This weekend’s to-do list didn’t obligate the Mr. luckily, as he caught a nasty cold.

Saturday morning I left him sick and miserable to join my mom, her best friends, my maid and matron of honor and a bridesmaid to begin the hunt for my dress!  I made an appointment at a shop closer to my mom’s house and it happened to be the same shop my Matron and Bridesmaid found their dresses when they got married.

I wasn’t exactly nervous, but more unsure of how I was feeling about the process.  I’m not at my happy weight, so I wasn’t sure if I would be uncomfortable in a bunch of sample size white dresses, but I tried to keep happy thoughts.  I also had no idea what style would work on my body type, and was nervous that having 5 people there would be too many voices.  I even contemplated going on my own during the week to get a feel for a style, but I was afraid I’d find “the” dress making the Saturday appt moot.  So, I stuck to this appointment.

I also had a game plan that if I didn’t find the dress I would make another appointment for another day, with just my mom or my Matron.  This was more for the show and experience of it, and to have a little fun and get some good input.

Well, it turns out, a second appointment is completely unnecessary because by some miracle, I found my dress!  It was the 6th dress I tried on, and was more to see if I liked the style.  But it’s totally the one.  As I was stepping into it, the salesperson asked about the next dress I was going to try on and I didn’t even need to see it.

It’s the typical story of this dress not being anything that I imagined at first. I kept gravitating toward one style that just wasn’t flattering on me, so it was time to switch it up.  And soon enough, I found the perfect one!

My entire entourage liked it the best and I didn’t want to take the dress off!  It couldn’t be more perfect and I can’t wait to wear it!  7 months to go until I get to!

I’m so glad it was such a quick and easy process, and now I can move forward with the attire for the rest of the bridal party!  Things are coming together!!!!

Can’t wait for 10/12/13 🙂

The White Dress

Dress Shopping!

Isn’t this the main wedding planning task for most brides? I’m going wedding dress shopping in a few weeks. I love the sweetheart, natural waist, and the gorgeous detail on the skirt. Looking for inspiration now, hoping for a seamless shopping experience!

Did you know the exact style you wanted or did you end up with a dress you never thought you’d like?