I’m back

As time goes by…

Well.  Here I am again.  I have a long history of starting blogs, posting a few updates, and then neglecting the poor things for months at a time.  Then one day, I get that little urge again to pick up the old bloggy blog, dust it off, and start all over.

Seriously.  I think I’ve created 10 blogs by now.  And here I am. 7 months since my last post, on what was supposed to be my wedding/lifestyle/craft/getfit/homeremodel blog.  Well — you can scratch wedding off.  I’ve now officially been a Mrs. for ohhh 6 going on 7 weeks now.

Yes – it was fabulous.  Yes – it was the best day of my life thus far.

But I digress.

I think the only blog I managed to keep up was my first.  My dear old Xanga.  And at that time I had been in the habit of regular journal musings.  I currently cant even remember to post in my 10 year journal.  (Note to self — update your 10 year journal)

But, as so eloquently stated by White Snake, Here I Go Again.

I have a number of projects I would really like to focus on as we head into 2014.  Hey – maybe that’s a good resolution.  Keep up with the writing.  I write for myself – as some sort of therapy.  I write so I can remember where I was in life at any given time.  I write to track my progress on any life projects — it’s a known fact: if I’m not writing, then I’m not doing.

I write for me.  And it’s something that I truly want to keep up on.  So.  I’m starting with a 2013 Holiday Season Resolution.  To keep up with the writing.

So with that, I officially revive Dolce Does, out of code blue status. And although I’m no longer planning a wedding, I’m going to keep the Wedding section, because I am still obsessed with party planning, trends, new fresh ideas, and love.  And maybe I can throw in a few recaps here and there.

So with that — here we go. 🙂