Dolce Does..Wedding Colors!

One of the first questions I get from people (other than when and where and have I said yes to the dress yet) is what my color theme is.  For years now I’ve known I wanted to go with the classic black and white.  I just love the looks and feels of these inspiration boards:

blackwhite1 blackwhite2

But I’ve also known I’ve wanted to incorporate an additional one or two colors.  For the longest time that color was gold, but lately I’ve fallen in love with dark gray for bridesmaid dresses.  I’m loving these dark gray/white bouquet and dark gray/blush bouquet looks:

darkgraydresswhitebouquet IMG_0068


I even went to my local home improvement store and gathered up some paint chips for inspiration:

Black, White, Grays and Blush Pink!

Black, White, Grays and Blush Pink!

Black White Gold and Gray

Black White Gold and Gray

I’ve just had the hardest time deciding which combination.

So, then I decided I’d go with the Black, White, Grays and Blush pink.  Until I started considering what flowers are in bloom during October.  Peonies, which I love for the blush pink, definitely are not.  And while I could go with pink roses, I want some unique flowers in the mix.  So upon doing my research I realized Orange calla lilies are in bloom.  The gears started shifting yet again and I started considering a Black, White, Gray and Orange, or a Black, White, Gray, and Coral mix.  I’m shying away from orange because our wedding’s already in October and I don’t want people thinking it’s Halloween themed – people showing up in costumes? Negative, Ghostrider – but I am just LOVING coral!

Don't the gray and coral look so pretty together?!

Don’t the gray and coral look so pretty together?!

I’m thinking I could maybe mix coral in with the blush pink, so black, white, shades of gray and pinks, but I’m afraid that’s going to get too pink, too quickly.  I’ve got a huge decision to make, but I’m thinking maybe a meeting with a florist will point me in the right direction, since my indecisiveness is stemming (no pun intended?) from what color bouquets I go with.

What color combination do you like for a Fall wedding?  Did you have a hard time choosing your colors?