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Countdown continues…

HOLY CRAP guys.  Today marks 6 months til the big day.  Time is starting to fly….

I’ve been neglecting this poor blog.  Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to!

*I’ve been working diligently on getting our wedding website up and running.
*Picked out our save the dates
*Took our engagement photos last week
*Mid-hunt for bridesmaid dresses

I’m impatiently waiting for our engagement photos back!  I can’t wait.  Here’s a personal shot of us on our way to our second location…Someone was sick of smiling for the camera!


Once we get our photos back (hopefully in the next few days) I’ll be ready to order and send out our Save the Dates!

In the meantime, we found some really cute dresses that looked great on my Maid and Matron of Honor!  I’m hoping the other girls can go try our top choices on and we can make a decision soon.  It’s going to be tough to pick because we’ve got some really cute options so far!

In addition to making a decision on a florist, I’m now including a day-of coordinator to the vendor hunt.  I wasn’t going to hire someone initially, but I’m starting a new job next week and I think it’ll just be too much on my plate.  Plus, some additional extenuating factors popped up this week so I think it’s for the best.

I think that’s it for now!  I’ll be back to post about our engagement photos and save the dates once I get the pics back!


Dolce Does..another check off the list!

This probably should’ve been one of the first vendors I booked given our “shorter” engagement and popular date in our city…but, we FINALLY decided on our DJ!  I am so, so excited.  The DJ we are selecting was on the higher price range of our options, but I just loved him during our meeting, he has a great reputation and came highly recommended, and — bonus! — he will provide the much-needed uplighting for our venue!

It’s amazing how great it feels to get one more item off the check list — especially when it’s an important one!  Now the number one item is to figure out our Officiant situation, because we can’t have a wedding without one.

A few weeks ago D and I interviewed a Pastor.  While our primary goal was to have someone we know get ordained and officiate, we ran into a few issues there, so I started the search for a professional. The Pastor was great and D really liked him, so I’m glad we have that option.

Yay to booking vendors!

Dolce Does..Wedding Dress Shopping!

Most of our weekends lately have been devoted to wedding related events.  Venue hunting, vendor meetings, bridal shows (one every weekend it seems!), the list goes on and on.  This weekend’s to-do list didn’t obligate the Mr. luckily, as he caught a nasty cold.

Saturday morning I left him sick and miserable to join my mom, her best friends, my maid and matron of honor and a bridesmaid to begin the hunt for my dress!  I made an appointment at a shop closer to my mom’s house and it happened to be the same shop my Matron and Bridesmaid found their dresses when they got married.

I wasn’t exactly nervous, but more unsure of how I was feeling about the process.  I’m not at my happy weight, so I wasn’t sure if I would be uncomfortable in a bunch of sample size white dresses, but I tried to keep happy thoughts.  I also had no idea what style would work on my body type, and was nervous that having 5 people there would be too many voices.  I even contemplated going on my own during the week to get a feel for a style, but I was afraid I’d find “the” dress making the Saturday appt moot.  So, I stuck to this appointment.

I also had a game plan that if I didn’t find the dress I would make another appointment for another day, with just my mom or my Matron.  This was more for the show and experience of it, and to have a little fun and get some good input.

Well, it turns out, a second appointment is completely unnecessary because by some miracle, I found my dress!  It was the 6th dress I tried on, and was more to see if I liked the style.  But it’s totally the one.  As I was stepping into it, the salesperson asked about the next dress I was going to try on and I didn’t even need to see it.

It’s the typical story of this dress not being anything that I imagined at first. I kept gravitating toward one style that just wasn’t flattering on me, so it was time to switch it up.  And soon enough, I found the perfect one!

My entire entourage liked it the best and I didn’t want to take the dress off!  It couldn’t be more perfect and I can’t wait to wear it!  7 months to go until I get to!

I’m so glad it was such a quick and easy process, and now I can move forward with the attire for the rest of the bridal party!  Things are coming together!!!!

Can’t wait for 10/12/13 🙂

Bridesmaid Dresses!

I’m still holding off on the bridesmaid dress hunt until after I get my dress, but I love browsing the internet for inspiration.

Lately I’ve been really into the Alfred Sung Dupioni dresses but today I’m loving these Lela Rose by Dessy Group dresses.  Because I have 8 girls, I’m considering different necklines.  Here are my favorites:


I am also totally loving these two necklines.


The last dress with the capsleeves kind of reminds me of Serena Van der Woodsen.

I’m definitely gravitating towards a more sleek floor-length look. And I still would love to go with gray dresses, but in this line I prefer black!

All dress images from

Dolce Does..Dream Wedding


I found this Some E-card the other day on Pinterest and about died.  How true is that in my case?

Speaking of Pinterest & Dream Weddings, I entered a contest sponsored by My Gatsby, a stationary website.  The prize is $200 towards your wedding stationary and all you had to do to enter was build a board on Pinterest showcasing your “Dream Wedding” vision.  Uhh, haven’t I already been doing that since I joined Pinterest two years ago?  Hello – count me in!

So, yesterday, with my newfound wedding vision, I gathered all of my favorite pins covering stationary, hair, jewelry, attire, flowers, centerpieces and lighting on this pin board.  I can only imagine how many amazing boards were entered into the contest but I really want to win!

Dolce Does..Ombre!


Ombre is all the rage these days from hair to nails to even wedding flowers!  Over the past few months, it has seemed like every time I try to go more modern, I just end up more traditional.  So, how do I marry (no pun intended) traditional with some modern flair?

As I mentioned before, I’m envisioning lots of candles for the romantic flair, black and white for a classic feel, and feathers and bling to add a little glam.  When it came to flowers, I imagined a little bit tradition meets classic meets romance.  I also knew that while I was all over the map deciding on colors and theme, once I sat down with a florist it would help me nail down my vision a little more.

I met with a florist yesterday and that is exactly what happened.  It was hard because I received confirmation that my top two wedding flower wants are out of season in October.  I mean, look how gorgeous these peonies are, and the black and white anemones couldn’t be more perfect!!!


But, going in I knew peonies were a spring flower, and according to my research anemones come into season in November.  I wasn’t sure if that was close enough, but sadly, it’s not.

Although I can’t get my dream wedding flowers (silly October and all your oranges) the meeting made me really excited for all the decor.  I’ve settled on the black and white with gray and accents of blush and coral.  I’m really wanting to stay away from BLACK and PINK everywhere, but I think I can achieve that if I stick to a little pink only in the flowers and lighting.

So far we discussed lots of roses, maybe some carnations to make that tight ball look for centerpieces, some stephanotis, and gray beads and leaves!  I’m really excited for the gray.  And, I want to incorporate black and white stripes to make it a little younger.  Can’t forget the feathers – I’m definitely having some feathers in my bouquet!

Now, I didn’t lead in with the ombre for no reason.  One idea that came to me during the consultation that has me really, really excited, is incorporating some ombre in the lower centerpieces!  White, blush and coral ombre surrounded by candles on black linens with a black and white striped runner?  I am loving it!

I have a few more florists I want to meet with, but I’m glad I booked this consultation early because it certainly helped me figure out my overall decor theme!

I’ll leave you with a few floral inspiration photos I’m really loving right now!


Dolce Does..Wedding Colors!

One of the first questions I get from people (other than when and where and have I said yes to the dress yet) is what my color theme is.  For years now I’ve known I wanted to go with the classic black and white.  I just love the looks and feels of these inspiration boards:

blackwhite1 blackwhite2

But I’ve also known I’ve wanted to incorporate an additional one or two colors.  For the longest time that color was gold, but lately I’ve fallen in love with dark gray for bridesmaid dresses.  I’m loving these dark gray/white bouquet and dark gray/blush bouquet looks:

darkgraydresswhitebouquet IMG_0068


I even went to my local home improvement store and gathered up some paint chips for inspiration:

Black, White, Grays and Blush Pink!

Black, White, Grays and Blush Pink!

Black White Gold and Gray

Black White Gold and Gray

I’ve just had the hardest time deciding which combination.

So, then I decided I’d go with the Black, White, Grays and Blush pink.  Until I started considering what flowers are in bloom during October.  Peonies, which I love for the blush pink, definitely are not.  And while I could go with pink roses, I want some unique flowers in the mix.  So upon doing my research I realized Orange calla lilies are in bloom.  The gears started shifting yet again and I started considering a Black, White, Gray and Orange, or a Black, White, Gray, and Coral mix.  I’m shying away from orange because our wedding’s already in October and I don’t want people thinking it’s Halloween themed – people showing up in costumes? Negative, Ghostrider – but I am just LOVING coral!

Don't the gray and coral look so pretty together?!

Don’t the gray and coral look so pretty together?!

I’m thinking I could maybe mix coral in with the blush pink, so black, white, shades of gray and pinks, but I’m afraid that’s going to get too pink, too quickly.  I’ve got a huge decision to make, but I’m thinking maybe a meeting with a florist will point me in the right direction, since my indecisiveness is stemming (no pun intended?) from what color bouquets I go with.

What color combination do you like for a Fall wedding?  Did you have a hard time choosing your colors?

The White Dress

Dress Shopping!

Isn’t this the main wedding planning task for most brides? I’m going wedding dress shopping in a few weeks. I love the sweetheart, natural waist, and the gorgeous detail on the skirt. Looking for inspiration now, hoping for a seamless shopping experience!

Did you know the exact style you wanted or did you end up with a dress you never thought you’d like?