Welcome to Dolce Does! Dolce Does started as a place for me to sort out ideas, projects and checklists for our October 2013 wedding, and is now continuing as a “lifestyle” blog.  As an avid Pinterest user, wanderluster, news and politico junkie, former athlete trying to get back in shape, and newer homeowner of a house needing lots of TLC, who also loves to write, you can expect posts on any of the above topics — but I also reserve the right for random musings on occasion.

Warning — I’ve been oh, so, terrible with updating this poor lonely bit of web space, and I am forever working on making it a habit to post. Follow along so I have motivation to post a bit more often!

(A little more..) ABOUT ME:

I’m a late twenty-something just turned 30, former hill staffer, current public affairs consultant.  I’m thrilled to be spending my happily ever after with my love of six seven (!) years.  We bought a home in September 2012 and got married in October 2013 — both of which took up all of our spare time over the last year and a half.  We love to travel, explore our hometown, drink beer, eat good food, and we share a common philosophy in life: to live and enjoy it. On weekends (when we’re home) you can find us exploring San Diego, spending time with friends and family, or lazing working around the house.

You can also find a little more about the blog in my first post here!

D doesn't like to smile - a rare capture of a smile attempt. :)

D doesn’t like to smile – a rare capture of a smile attempt.

This is the usual "smile" I get from him!

This is the usual “smile” I get from him!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll come back soon!  And say hi!  I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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