Month: November 2014

Dolce Does…Halloween Weekend

If I have one takeaway from this Halloween weekend, it would be that Halloween should always fall on a Friday!

I spent Halloween day at work with two costume changes — I was a mouse (as in, Mean Girls, “I’m a mouse. DUH!”) and then this lovely cozy panda hat scarf with mittens (that’s actually what they are called) arrived in time for me to be a Panda for the second half of the work day.  What — like you don’t order your “costume” on Amazon at 3 pm Thursday, and expect it to be delivered to work Friday?  Yeah — I’m definitely not a procrastinator. 🙂


I then rushed home to the puppy and to set up for the trick or treaters.  I had not done any decorating prior, so I threw up some gravestones we made out of drywall two years ago, some pretty bad fake cobweb decorating in the front of the house, and plugged in my trusty lightning and thunder noise machine to let all the kiddies know that yes, our house does have candy, so please come take it so I dont eat it all.  We don’t get many trick or treaters for living in a residential neighborhood, so we still ended up with quite a bit of candy, but at least we’re the “cool” house that gives out handfuls of candy.  I’m convinced that if we keep doing that, the kids will come.  Kind of like Field of Dreams…if you give handfuls of candy out, they will come.  Something like that…

Anyway, I forgot to capture a picture of the terrible decorating job I did — so you’re welcome for that.  But I did get a bad lighting, iPhone picture of the non-traditional Mexican Meatball Soup I made.  It’s hard to cook Mexican food for your Mexican husband, but I love this recipe, so it’s become my new Halloween tradition.  It was delicious and spicy and perfect for the first cool fall weekend we’ve had in socal!


Mmmm cotija cheese and avo. YUM!

We finished Halloween up with finally watching the first Paranormal Activity.  Well, I watched through a blanket the whole time, but we had to get a scary movie in there for Halloween!

Saturday was spent lazing around with the pup and the cat.  I snapped this photo to enter Starbuck’s Red Cup Contest on Instagram.


After our caffeine fix, we ran some errands, and then got ready for a Halloween party at a friend’s house!  The Mr. and his buddies dressed as smurfs (that’s my husband in the middle as Brainy Smurf), while the wives and I dressed as Care Bears!  I was Grumpy Bear.



We enjoyed lots of cocktails, danced our booties off to the DJ they hired, and voted for the best male, female and couple costumes.  Sadly we weren’t winner.  Even though I tried to stuff the ballot box. Sssssh.

Oh!  And the girls kicked the guys butts in flip cup


(Again. Apologies for the crappy quality iPhone photos!)

Sunday I did not capture on camera — again — you’re welcome.  Ok that’s not true.  My dear husband took a picture of me passed out on the couch during football with the pup sleeping on the ground next to me.  But it’s not attractive, so I’ll spare you all.

That pretty much summed up our Sunday though.  We were up by 8-8:30ish (puppy slept in later than I thought with daylights ending!), watched some football, grubbed, slept, watched some more football, took Charger on a walk, and then read up on my guidebooks since we’re now only 2 weeks from our Eurasia trip!!! I don’t know how time has flown that fast, but the next 2 weeks will be crazy busy with work, life, and getting ready for a trip of the lifetime.

Overall a pretty sweet Halloween weekend!