Month: September 2014

Dolce Does…A Great Beer Tour Update

Since I last posted about my self-imposed challenge of hitting all of the craft, micro, nano-breweries in San Diego County, I can proudly say I have made updates to the list!  Over the past couple weeks (minus about 10 days I did not drink alcohol — what??–more on that later) the Mr. and I managed to try about five new breweries.  Let me tell you how hard that has been. (sarcasm) And boy, was it like pulling teeth to convince Mr. to join me.  (more sarcasm.  but really — do I need to point that out?)

In summary — tasting all these amazing beers is a tough, tough job.  But someone’s gotta do it.  So I’ll take one for the team. You can thank me later.

Anyway.  This also means I have to turn the tasting notes and pictures from my Evernote (great, nifty little tool/app/program for shared documents/note taking/list making, whatever your heart desires), into actual blog posts.  So..I should probably get on that. 

Oh! And! I learned about another cool app to help me along my way.  99 Brews.  You can locate breweries, beer events, and even restaurants and bars featuring craft beer near you, or in a specific location.  You can also create lists of places you want to try, categorize them, and check them off as you make your way to each place.  Pretty cool!  Also helps me with my count. 🙂

(And while googling 99 Brews to see if they have a website or anything, I found this San Diego Union-Tribune article highlighting other cools beer-drinking apps.  Sweet!)

(And yes — these are all my personal recommendations.  I’m not cool enough to get paid to post about companies and brands. Yet.)

So I digressed.  But without further ado…my updated count/list!

47/89 (added 2Kids Brewing from my last list)

2Kids Brewing

Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment

AleSmith Brewing Company
Alpine Beer Company
Amplified Ale Works
Arcana Brewing Co.
Automatic Brewing Company
Aztec Brewing Company
Back Street Brewery
Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits – Scripps Ranch
Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits – Home Brew Mart
Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits – Little Italy
Barrel Harbor Brewing Co.
Belching Beaver Brewery
Benchmark Brewing
BNS Brewing & Distilling
Booze Brothers Brewing Co.
Border X Brewing
Breakwater Brewing Company
Butcher’s Brewing
ChuckAlek Independent Brewers
Cold Bore Brewing Company
Coronado Brewing Company – Coronado
Coronado Brewing Company – Bay Park
Council Brewing Company
Culture Brewing Co.
Dos Desperados Brewing
Fallbrook Brewing Company
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant
Green Flash Brewing Co.
Groundswell Brewing Co.
Helm’s Brewing
Hillcrest Brewing Company
Indian Joe Beer
Intergalactic Brewing Co
Iron Fist Brewing Company
Jamul Brewing Co.
Julian Brewing Company
Karl Strauss 4S Ranch
Karl Strauss Carlsbad
Karl Strauss Downtown
Karl Strauss La Jolla
Karl Strauss
Karl Strauss Sorrento Mesa
La Jolla Brewing Company
Latitude 33 Brewing Company
Legacy Brewing Company
Lightning Brewery
Magnetic Brewing
Mike Hess Brewing – Miramar
Mike Hess Brewing – North Park
Mission Brewery
Modern Times
Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery
Mother Earth Brew Company
New English Brewing Company
Nickel Beer Company
Oceanside Ale Works
Offbeat Brewing Company
Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company
On-The-Tracks Brewery
Pacific Beach Ale House
Pacific Brewing Company
Pizza Port Bressi Ranch
Pizza Port Carlsbad
Pizza Port Ocean Beach
Pizza Port Solana Beach
Plan 9 Ale House
Poor House Brewing Co
Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey
Prohibition Brewing Company
Rip Current Brewing Co.
Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurant La Jolla
Rough Draft Brewing Company
San Diego Brewing Company
San Marcos Brewery & Grill
Societe Brewing Co.
St. Archer Brewing Co.
Stone Brewing Company
Stone Brewing Liberty Station
Stumblefoot Brewing Company
The Beer Company
Thorn St. Brewery
Toolbox Brewing Compan
Twisted Manzanita Brewing Ales & Spirits
Urbn St. Brewing Company
Valley Center Brewing Company
Wet ‘N Reckless Brewing Company
White Labs