Dolce Does…Fly Around The World? Or Just to Europe..

I just wrote all about how we scored this A-MA-ZING ’round the world trip for under $200.

And then for the 3rd time this year, I see a headline along the lines of “plane goes missing” mid-flight….:


And I’m now I’m questioning if we’re tempting fate by flying from Paris to Bangkok — if these are all signs — or if I’m being over-paranoid.

The day we booked there was a military coup in Thailand (that Wikipedia — always a trustworthy source), and we thought, if things got out of hand, we could always ditch our flight to Asia, and just fly home from Europe.

I want to book flights home from Thailand this week, before prices climb, but now I’m second guessing this.

But, but, but.  I REALLY want to go to to Thailand.

So.  Do we risk it?  I mean — how many flights are there every day, that arrive at their destinations safe and sound, without any glitches?  And I’m focusing on only 3?  Because, I will KICK myself if we don’t go to Thailand and everything’s fine.

Or – do we do the smart, adult, responsible thing, and spend extra time in Europe (ooh, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, England — so many options!) and book a flight home from there?

Something tells me I’m too stubborn to give up this chance to fly, literally, around the world.

In the end, if we have to change course, we could always book a new flight home from’s just money, right?!  Decisions, decisions..

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