Month: July 2014

Dolce Does…(or is..) Flying Around the World (afterall)

We did it.

We booked our flights.

After a long short debate, we booked our flights home from Phuket, Thailand.  We’ve officially moved forward with the whole bucket-list-flying-around-the-world/once-in-a-lifetime bit.  Forget disappearing planes, bad weather crashes, and oh, missiles shooting down planes.  YOLO, amiright?  No?  Well — at least if we go down we’ll have a good story behind it. 🙂

Thailand.  I can’t wait to visit you in T-124 days!!!!

Dolce Does…Fly Around The World? Or Just to Europe..

I just wrote all about how we scored this A-MA-ZING ’round the world trip for under $200.

And then for the 3rd time this year, I see a headline along the lines of “plane goes missing” mid-flight….:


And I’m now I’m questioning if we’re tempting fate by flying from Paris to Bangkok — if these are all signs — or if I’m being over-paranoid.

The day we booked there was a military coup in Thailand (that Wikipedia — always a trustworthy source), and we thought, if things got out of hand, we could always ditch our flight to Asia, and just fly home from Europe.

I want to book flights home from Thailand this week, before prices climb, but now I’m second guessing this.

But, but, but.  I REALLY want to go to to Thailand.

So.  Do we risk it?  I mean — how many flights are there every day, that arrive at their destinations safe and sound, without any glitches?  And I’m focusing on only 3?  Because, I will KICK myself if we don’t go to Thailand and everything’s fine.

Or – do we do the smart, adult, responsible thing, and spend extra time in Europe (ooh, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, England — so many options!) and book a flight home from there?

Something tells me I’m too stubborn to give up this chance to fly, literally, around the world.

In the end, if we have to change course, we could always book a new flight home from’s just money, right?!  Decisions, decisions..

Dolce Does…A Trip Around the World for $177.

At the end of May, I spent a Thursday evening (leading up to Memorial Day weekend) catching up on the last few episodes of Scandal on my DVR. It was getting to be quite exciting, so as the clock clicked past 11 pm, I reasoned I could put on the last episode because the next day was a half day at work, before a 3 day weekend. I could manage an easy, quiet day, off of a couple hours less sleep than I normally need to function.

At about 11:30 pm — right as Olivia Pope was in the midst of a lecture, or someone was getting tortured, or we were finding out who planted a bomb (sorry — spoiler alert) — I got a text from a friend. It included a link to a random blog, and text reading “THIS IS STILL WORKING — WANNA GO?!?!”

Intrigued, I clicked the link, to find a post about some crazy “glitch” that was allowing people to book flights to Europe, then to Asia, for as low as $130.

No. I’m not missing a zero there. $130 to fly to Europe, AND to Asia?! Let me read further…to find the catch.

There ended up being no catch. I looked at my husband, told him that we could fly around the world for under $200 each, and asked if he was game. I don’t think I even waited for an answer before I jumped on my laptop (after pausing Ms. Pope, of course), and started looking up flights.

And there it was staring me in the eye. Flights for November to Europe and Asia starting at $159. You had to select “multi-city destination” and plug in New York to Milan, then 7+ days later, fly out of Prague into Asia. The options at the time were Tokyo or Bangkok, and eventually folks found flights out of Lisbon, and to Singapore and Shanghai as well.

First — I have a confession to make. The first step is making the admission, right?


My name is Dolce. And I’ve never been to Europe.

Yes. I’m 30, I spent 6 years studying French, and I’ve never. Been. To. Europe. I know, I know. Shocking.

Now can I continue? So. I’ve never been to Europe, we were trying to plan a trip this year, AND I’ve ALWAYS dreamt of going to Thailand. Ummmm did I wanna go? Hell yeah I wanted to go!

Because I can’t turn a good deal down — I mean, we couldn’t afford NOT to go! — by midnight, the Mr. and I were booked. We’re going to Europe! And Asia! And…ohhh yeah….we are literally, flying around the world!!!

So. Our flights from New York to Milan, and then 8 days later from Prague to Bangkok, with a 24 hour layover in Paris, were $177 each person — for both flights, taxes and fees included. Because it sounded way too good to be true, we paid the $34 each for trip insurance, agreed it would probably be cancelled, and called it a day.

And then I stayed up until 3 am googling “airline glitches” to see the likelihood our flights would get cancelled before I got too excited.

2 months later, and our flights are still honored! So I’ve spent the last 2 months saturating my brain with all things Eurasia. 4 months from today, we’ll be in…Austria! So excited.

And now I leave you with travel porn of some of our destinations….


Duomo, Milan, Italy

Duomo, Milan, Italy

Prague, Czech Republic (and a cool travel article from the NYT:

Prague, Czech Republic
(and a cool travel article from the NYT:

Dolce Does…A 5K!

Yesterday morning we got up earlier than normal for a Sunday and headed down to the Chargers’ stadium.  We live only a mile from the stadium, but what separates us is a daunting hill, which is quite easy to walk down, but not so easy to walk back up.  We ended up leaving our car at the stadium parking lot, because we conveniently caught the trolley downtown on Saturday for a Padres game, following race packet pick up.  After imbibing in probably a few too many alcoholic beverages, we cabbed home and agreed we’d just get my car after the race.

So, we got in a good mile, mile and a half, even before the race started!  It was a nice warm up, and we got to the start line  just a couple minutes before the race began.

We had a couple groups of friends all running the race, and were able to “run” into them (no pun intended?) before the race and after!

Given the shenanigans we partook in Saturday night, and the fact I just began training this past week, I can’t say it was my best effort at running 3.1 miles, but we got a good workout, had fun, supported a charity, and even better, the finish line was at the 50 yard line on the Chargers’ field!  As a huge Chargers fan — you can’t beat that.

Some pictures from the morning…



Before the race began! Someone isn’t looking so thrilled…


A not so high quality shot of us on the jumbotron crossing the finish line!


At the finish! We made it! On the Chargers’ field 🙂


Someone looks a little bit happier this time. All done, selfie on the field.



Found some friends after the race!

Group Shot!

Group Shot!

All in all it was a great time — but showed I have a long way to go with this running business.  Time to get serious about training for the half marathon in November.  I’ve been following the training schedule, but I gotta get my butt in shape on the off-run days.  I’m planning on signing up for a couple 5ks between now and November so I can hopefully see progress!

Dolce Does…An Update on Thirty

Image from my fabulous 30th Birthday Bash, featuring some dear friends, and a fave President of mine!


Hello again — every few months I tend to pop back in, and it’s about that time, again. 

I signed in and re-read my last blog, about turning 30.  Here I am, three months later, and still adjusting to 30.  Honestly, age really is just a number — except last night at dinner when our very, spunky, waitress, was a reminder that I’m no longer 22..but I digress.

When asked how old I am, I have to pause and think about it.  I’m not yet trained to say 30.  But so far, I have no complaints.

This year is turning into an exciting year of firsts.  A year of growth.  A year of challenge. While I’m still working on the weight thing — more on that later — I’ve definitely been saying yes to things.  Number 1 item, definitely being travel.

I’ve always been enamored with travel.  But I’ve never had the time, or the money, (fill in the blank excuse) etc, to really do the travel I’ve wanted.  This year that changes.

I have little trips sprinkled throughout the year (Napa for a girls’ weekend, Vegas for a BFF’s 30th Birthday, Palm Springs getaway with the Husband, a random weekend in Houston, possibly followed by a Caribbean cruise, thanks to a silent auction), and then we finally have a big trip on the docket.

In November we will be taking a round the world trip to Europe and Thailand. I. Can’t. Wait. I’m beyond stoked, and every couple days I get that giddy “is this really happening?!” realization.  And then I profusely google what to wear, what do I need to pack, how should I pack, where should we go, etc in each destination.

Let’s just say, there’s nothing I love more than planning trips, or schedules.  So I am in heaven.  And I get an amazing travel experience in the end.

So, in addition to travel, work and training for this half marathon are at the forefront of my life these days.  I’m still active with the Tone It Up plan, and I have a 5k this weekend — which I’m expecting to do terribly, but hey, I’m counting it as a “training” run. 

I also hope to get back on the home improvement train over the next year — which my husband keeps kindly reminding me that the more we travel, the longer until we have new bathrooms and a kitchen.  I personally expect that money will just magically appear, and it will all be fine and dandy.  Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket…or get a second job….Nah.

So for now, I’m certainly enjoying this little thing called life, and I really can’t complain about how 30 is treating me so far.  Cheers to a wonderful life.