Dolce Does…The Name Change

I officially began the Name Change process in February with visits to the Social Security office and DMV.  I was then motivated to change everything I could possibly think to change, while it was fresh in my mind.  Which — knowing myself — was a smart thing, because then I lost steam for a bit.

I finally made it into the bank this past weekend to change the last of my bank accounts/credit cards.  I think all I have left is passport.  I filled out the paperwork but now either need to find the pictures I took a short 6.5 months ago, or take new ones and send it in.  At least I won’t have to pay the fees since I got my passport in the last year.

The process really is a pain in the rear, and I’m still not used to the idea of my new name.  I wasn’t motivated to do it at first, until we checked into a hotel in Vegas in February, and trying to explain we’re married, but have different names, when getting the keys to the room.  Now, I know a lot of women choose not to change their name, but knowing I was going to get to it eventually made me feel like I was in limbo.  I never knew what name to give, especially when signing up for new things knowing that my name would be changing soon enough.

Plus, I thought I was going to need my passport updated a lot sooner than initially planned — I’ll save that topic for a post another day — so I finally was motivated to move forward.  It is still weird not knowing what name I’m listed under for smaller things, like rewards programs, my Nordstrom debit card, and other less important accounts.  And, as I mentioned, I don’t know when I’ll get used to the name name.  But, I have ease of knowing all the important documents are taken care of.

Growing up I always automatically assumed I would take my future husband’s last name, but now that I’m actually married, and actually had to go through the process it’s different from how I imagined — perhaps because my name was my identity for my entire life until now.  It feels like I’m playing pretend, and I wonder when it will become natural.

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