Month: April 2014

Dolce Does….Turning Thirty

I’ve always believed saying yes is a good thing (within reason, and as long as it’s legal, of course ;)).  I especially believed this during my time in Washington, DC. I said yes to every opportunity that came my way– I didn’t regret it.

For the last 10 years I’ve struggled with weight.  As a former athlete, as the pounds kept coming, I struggled with my identity.  If I wasn’t an athlete anymore, then who was I?  I felt like a sham when I spoke of my past life as an athlete.  Instead of being a member of the “athlete” club, I now belonged in the “former athletes who gained a lot of weight” club.

Over the last 10-12 years I’ve done the up and down weight game.  As each year goes by, however, I find myself less and less disciplined.  I used to be able to stick with a diet/exercise routine, drop 20-30 pounds, and move on.  Even when I gained that weight back (and some) I knew if I just focused, the weight could come off.

I felt really good while in DC.  I moved out there at my highest weight, lost a good 30 pounds, and moved back feeling motivated, happy, and the best I’d felt in several years.  Settling back in with the boyfriend (now husband, of course), the weight started coming back on slowly but surely.  Then I started a new job, we got married, went on an all-inclusive honeymoon, and hit the holiday season, and in January I found myself back to the weight I was exactly 3 years earlier when I arrived in DC. I thought, oh, I put it on so quickly, I can get it off.

I started 2014 off with the Tone It Up Love Your Body series, and felt good about working out – I was moving again.  I challenged myself to 100 days of movement.  For Lent I promised I would break a sweat every day.  But, per usual, I stuck to those things for a while, but started to slack off.  And even worse…I barely lost 5 pounds.  I currently sit 20+ pounds over what I was on my wedding day 6 months ago and those pounds just won’t budge.

My mantra of always saying yes has fallen short in the active category.  I tell myself I can’t do things because of my weight.  And I put goals off until I lose the weight.  But I’ve waited 10 years — and the weight is still there.  Which mean — I continue to put goals on hold.

So.  I turn 30 in 6 short days.  As 30 has quickly approached, I’ve found myself saying yes again.  In fact, I did something absolutely crazy and signed up for a half marathon in November.  I’m saying yes to other races between now and then.  And I’m going to keep saying yes.  Hopefully in the next year or two I’ll say yes to a sprint triathlon — a goal I’ve had for many, many, many years now.

I don’t want to spend my 30’s the same way I spent my 20’s.  As I get older, I know it’s just going to keep getting harder and harder.  And now, as I get closer to starting a family, I want to be healthy for it.  I want to enjoy it.  I want to set a good example for my future children.  And I want to live a happy, fulfilled, active, healthy life with my future children.  So, I’m saying yes.  And maybe this time saying yes will help me meet my goals.

The Tone It Up 2014 Bikini Series starts conveniently on my 30th birthday, and continues for 8 weeks until the first day of summer.  The plan will enhance my half marathon training schedule (I’ve started early, since I’ve got a long way to go and don’t want to set myself up for failure), and I can’t think of a better way to start my 30’s.  This birthday doesn’t just mean a new decade, but also means a chance to start fresh.  I don’t want to wake up in 10 years wishing I’d started earlier.  Instead, I want to wake up 6 days before my 40th birthday proud of my accomplishments, and feeling the best I’ve ever felt before.  I want to think back to this moment and be proud of myself for making the commitment and following through on living a healthy, active, happy life.

30 scares me.  I’ve been in a bit of denial about how quickly it’s arrived.  But, 30 doesn’t have to be scary.  I want to make 30 my best year yet.  Here’s to the improved me, and here’s a healthy me.   I am (almost) 30 and hear me roar. 🙂

Dolce Does…The Name Change

I officially began the Name Change process in February with visits to the Social Security office and DMV.  I was then motivated to change everything I could possibly think to change, while it was fresh in my mind.  Which — knowing myself — was a smart thing, because then I lost steam for a bit.

I finally made it into the bank this past weekend to change the last of my bank accounts/credit cards.  I think all I have left is passport.  I filled out the paperwork but now either need to find the pictures I took a short 6.5 months ago, or take new ones and send it in.  At least I won’t have to pay the fees since I got my passport in the last year.

The process really is a pain in the rear, and I’m still not used to the idea of my new name.  I wasn’t motivated to do it at first, until we checked into a hotel in Vegas in February, and trying to explain we’re married, but have different names, when getting the keys to the room.  Now, I know a lot of women choose not to change their name, but knowing I was going to get to it eventually made me feel like I was in limbo.  I never knew what name to give, especially when signing up for new things knowing that my name would be changing soon enough.

Plus, I thought I was going to need my passport updated a lot sooner than initially planned — I’ll save that topic for a post another day — so I finally was motivated to move forward.  It is still weird not knowing what name I’m listed under for smaller things, like rewards programs, my Nordstrom debit card, and other less important accounts.  And, as I mentioned, I don’t know when I’ll get used to the name name.  But, I have ease of knowing all the important documents are taken care of.

Growing up I always automatically assumed I would take my future husband’s last name, but now that I’m actually married, and actually had to go through the process it’s different from how I imagined — perhaps because my name was my identity for my entire life until now.  It feels like I’m playing pretend, and I wonder when it will become natural.