Dolce Does..Boot Camp!


Photo from Google

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day – duh.  Wearing white, all those photos, all that attention!  Even the thinnest brides I’ve known have done some sort of workout regimen while engaged.

This week I started a boot camp.  It’s the first time I’ve joined any sort of boot camp other than classes at the gym.  I found a Groupon January 1st and figured what did I have to lose – other than hopefully a few pounds.  I wanted to wait for the influx of Groupon-ites (is that a word?) to kind of weed out before signing up, so I sent an email last week inquiring how I start my 6 week session.

I went in on Tuesday for an assessment.  Basically I met with the trainer, we went over a liability form, my workout history, and he took all my stats.  Measurements, weight, body fat, etc.  It wasn’t very pretty, but that’s why I was there, right?  He said to log all my food in LoseIt, which I’ve already been doing, take some before and after shots, and show up the next day!

Yesterday we worked on chest and tris and today was a full hour of abs.  I want to die already!  I’m definitely dreading tomorrow, but as they say, pain is weakness leaving the body.

I’m definitely going to keep with it, because I’ve certainly needed someone to push me.  I just don’t have the same motivation I used to.  I’ve met a few other people in the class and all of them have been great and have wonderful things to say about the trainer and the bootcamp. The trainer also has quite a sense of humor which I appreciate.

After the 6 weeks I can continue by paying a monthly rate.  It’s not cheap, but hey, if I see results, I might have to consider it!

I’m going to be dreadfully sore the next few days, but I’ll be back Monday morning for some more torture!  Here’s to shedding some pounds and toning up for my big day!

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