Dolce Does…Wedding Fever!!!

I thought my first post should be a bit of an introduction for anyone finding my blog.  I am knee deep in wedding planning, and now totally understand how it can envelope your whole world.  I think I’m doing a good job so far of turning the planning and ideas on and off, but the last thing I want is to be that annoying girl who only hangs out with you to talk wedding. (Seriously.  Nobody likes “that girl.”)

I decided to start this blog so I have a place to store all my wedding thoughts and inspiration, and to maybe help me make a few decisions along the way.  I work best with writing things down and revisiting, and while Pinterest has been great (how’d anyone plan a wedding pre-Pinterest?!), I also have magazine tearouts all over the house (sorry fiance!), random files on my computer and bookmarks galore.  (Sidenote – you can find my Pinterest boards here).  So, this is a great central place to keep all my ideas!

Also, I am not the most decisive person in the world, as you will find out.  I could go so many different directions with this wedding (and anything in life, really.  I could totally see myself having 5 different careers.  And live in 5 different cities.  And have 5 different husbands.  KIDDING! On the last one, anyway) so laying out all my ideas in this format will help me visualize what works, what doesn’t, and see what I keep gravitating towards, so I can make some decisions already!

Now there’s some background on why this blog, how about a little background about the featured couple?!  We live in sunny southern California – both born and raised.  I did move away for college and did a two year stint on the east coast, so we have suffered through long distance twice.  We met my last year of college and just celebrated our six year dating anniversary.  We got engaged the weekend before Christmas 2012 and are planning an October 2013 wedding.

We don’t have many common interests, but share a common philosophy on life and many common viewpoints.  Which completely makes no sense because we’re six years apart and come from completely different backgrounds.  But, we work.  We love to have fun and try not to take life too seriously, but he’s an amazing support system for those moments life hands you.

I think that pretty much sums it up.  Oh, and we bought a house last year and, while we’ve put any major home improvement projects on pause until after the wedding, to break up the wedding talk I’ll post little updates on what we’ve done, or projects I decide to take on.  As I mentioned, I love Pinterest, and I’ve been known to test out various recipes, projects and crafts I find on that wonderful little site.  Sometimes successes, mostly failures, but always an adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you happen to find this blog and don’t personally know me, please comment and say hello!  I’ve been known to lurk a blog or two (or twenty – let’s be real) so while I fully support lurking, I’d LOVE to “meet” you. 🙂

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